About Us

in our beliefs

Regency Property is composed of an experienced team of professionals. We spearhead all facets of project design & management, planning, financing, and real estate. Our projects are efficiently executed from start to finish while exceeding all standards and we concentrate on elevating the potential of properties. Our mission is to innovate real estate and provide value to our residents.

Regency Property’s culture is built off of collaboration, learning and helping others. That is our foundation, and it is what makes us different. Our success stems from the success of our employees, partners, investors, and residents. When they win, we win.

The Regency

Our Elements of Success

Our methodology is simple – quality builds and impeccable design. We ensure that our development quality is top notch and that our communities are luxurious. Our goal is for our residents to love their new dwellings and for them to have a sense of home when they set foot in Regency Communities. We oversee the whole project with this in mind, from land acquisition, to architectural design, planning and construction. That is our formula for Regency's success.

The Regency

Our United Front

Regency Property is a strong advocator for family values and health. We work hard to build relationships with our residents and to create a sense of community that is both inviting and accepting. We strive to foster a sense of connection, belonging and safety among the families in our care.

At Regency Property, we know that our strength lies in our collective unity, and we are proud to be a part of a vibrant and supportive community of residents.

The Regency

Trailblazing Horizons Together

Stemming from decades of combined industry experience, our team sets out to streamline the development process. Our efforts to make a positive impact for the families in our care is the driving force for our success and we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of affordable luxury housing.

The basis of our vision is value creation for all in our industry and to provide communities that are not only beautiful, but accessible to a wide range of residents.

Our Regent

Unwavered in our beliefs

The values we hold within our company are regent over our approach. We carry a standard of respect, integrity, and collaboration, and are thrilled to work with those who share our same values. Our passion for creating and maintaining our communities is reflected in the quality and effort we pour into our developments. Our top priority is to expand our caliber of value and to deliver on the trust placed in us by the people and families that live in Regency communities.

We are set on a mission to create investments that return lifetime value for our residents.

Our Regent

Bright roads ahead

Regency Property is here to make its lasting mark on the GTA real estate market. We are fast expanding and positioned for dynamic growth. Our commitment to our residents is unwavering, and we are constantly seeking to improve and innovate in order to exceed their expectations. Our future lies in listening, responding and adapting to the needs of our residents, and we are excited to be at the forefront of shaping the future of real estate.

We thank you for your trust in us and are calling those who are willing to create and hold regency over their futures. Join us as we create our Regent Future!